Kennel "Angel of big Joy"



Multichampion, C.I.B. Merlion vom Erusbach


Cim-Cill Envy Me

1girl (particular) +1 boy (sable) born on 27.02.20

more info: please scroll all the way down for pictures !!!


"Poklad Tibetu"

(located near Prague /Czech Republic)

breeder Milada Papikova

4 girls and one boy have been born on 21.12. 2019 

proud parents are: 

My Swiss boy

Multichampion, C.I.B. Merlion vom Erusbach 


C.I.B. Karkulka Zlaty Klondike 


update on Juli 2020: the girls Choden and Chewa are happy with their new families 

Champa (boy)  and Chimeg alias"Meggy"(girl) are a big hope for future breeding and will stay

 at Kennel Poklad Tibetu 

































  "Psarna Kabita"


    Special little, gentle puppy boy:

"Kabita Sathi- Sindhu" born 04.05.2018

found his new loving family in Switzerland. kalafatic

   Kabita Ganna


  A-CH, SLO-CH, C.I.B. 

  Vayu-Sindhu vom Tibetdrachen

Pictures : Sathi with 18 month and as a  puppy, last pics are his mom and dad.


      "Psarna Gizmoland"


       2 puppies were born on 25.04.2018

called the "Direwolf edition"

girl: Gizmoland Scary Nymeria

boy: "Gizmoland Sneaky Ghost"

both found a beautiful home with loving family in Slovenia

 mother: Desi

(Camelot Honzikova Cesta  X  IT-CH., C.I.B.Chenrezi Cheerleader)


       father: A-CH, SLO-CH, C.I.B.

          Vayu-Sindhu vom Tibetdrachen 

( D-JCH, D-CH El -Ricco vom Tibetdrachen X Pad-ma Ra-ga Rigpa)

Sneaky Ghost is owned now by Barbara Kres,and lives in Slovenia. 

He developed very nicely, and kept his black mask, as you can see on the below pictures ( on two pics with his dad "Sindhu") .

 Sneaky Ghost  already produced 2 very nice litters : 

His first litter with the girl Atisha for Serenissimo Ganesh (2 boys, one girl) was born on 20.10. 2019 in Italy at  Kennel Serenissimo Ganesh. 

The boy Norbu Serenissimo Ganesh stays in Venice and is a future hope for








In Sneaky Ghost's second litter with the Danish girl SL-OCH "Askim`s Oph-Ty Dana - alias Danika 2 girls were  born on 30.12.2019 at Kennel Gizmoland.

The girl Gizmoland Angelic Jennifer is another big hope for future bedding, she is very smart and lives with her new family in Lubljana/ Slovenia. 





In the following pictures below you see Gizmoland Sneaky Ghost  (father of  Norbu Serenissimo Ganesh and of Gizmoland Angelic Jennifer) and his sister Scary Nymeria with his parents Desi and Vayu-Sindhu:













"Allevamento Serenissimo Ganesh"


C.I.B., ITCH "Chenrezi Cheerleader" for Serenissimo Ganesh


C.I.B., A-JCH, A-CH, AG-CH, SLOCH "Merlion vom Erusbach"


***on 17.09.2017 puppies were born***

2 boys: "Luding" and "Lian" (dark sable)

2 girls: "Lili" and "Lahmo" (light sable)

update on 01.12.2017:

All puppies now found their new families, and will enjoy their lives in Italy.

"Luding"(m) alias "Italo" lives with his new family in Tuscany near the sea, 

 "Lian"(m) travelled to  Rome,

 "Lili"(f) moved to Elba,


"Lhamo" will stay and live with her breeder Dr. Anna Lorenzon and her dogs in beautiful Venice.

L -Litter with 2 years in 2019, ( Lhamo, Lili, Luding, no pics of Lian yet), followed by pictures as they were puppies, and pics of their parents Merlion and Cherry. 

Lahmo got already her Italian Championship finished in 2019. 






Kennel "Angel of Big Joy"

(Switzerland - breeer: Regula Schweizer )

My Swiss boy Merlion vom Erusbach x Cim-Cill Envy Me


they became proud parents of lovely twins

on 28.02.2020

( 1particolor girl named"Esha-cunga"

 +1 sable boy named "Em-chi") 

Em-chi will be the keeper .







 Maha-kala Tibetan-Spaniels

 @Verena Seifert-Jung MSc - 2021